Ep #4: Captain America: Steve Rodgers, X-Men: Blue, Venom / Marvel Madness Comics Podcast

May 29, 2017

Episode #04

Memorial Day Special: the Marvel Madness Comics Podcast fellas (BMur, Trevitt, and Carl) bring you three books from the Marvel Comics release schedule of 5/24 and discuss whether or not you should BUY, BARROW, or FORGET the following titles:

Captain America: Steve Rodgers #17 (Secret Empire Tie-in)

X-Men: Blue #4

Venom #150

Plus News from Trevitt about upcoming title changes, a P.S.A. from Will Smith himself, and the always fantastic Midpoint Marvelous Facts from Carl who decidess to quiz Branden on his symbiote knowledge.

Bang that follow button and join us for any shennanigans that follow! Stay tuned for an Avengers themed end credits song by AnimatedJames on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guvwngXcRsE&t=253s . Its hysterical and worth a watch. 

Dont follow Tiger Woods example .... Stay Safe on Memorial Day !


(Disclaimer: Podcast contains some usage of foul language bare with us we are trying to figure out to how mark it as such!)


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