Ep #6: Iceman, Daredevil, and Amazing Spider-Man / Marvel Madness Comics Podcast

June 12, 2017

The Marvel Madness Comics Podcast 'crew'  is all back together (BMur & Trevitt, and Carl) bringing you three new releases this week from the Marvel Comics schedule of 6/7 and discuss whether or not you should BUY, BARROW, or FORGET the following titles:

Iceman #1

Daredevil #21

Amazing Spider-Man #28

Plus News from Trevitt about some new releases, a P.S.A. about your chompers, and the always fantastic Midpoint Marvelous Facts from Carl, find out what happened to Daredevil's dog?

Bang that follow button and join us for any shennanigans that follow plus lots of ranting from Trevitt and Branden.

Welcome to June hope you have your male rompers ready for summer! GET TO LISTENING! 

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