Ep. #16: Spider-Men 2, Astonishing X-Men, Ultimates 2, Generations: Wolverine / Marvel Madness Comics Podcast

August 21, 2017

Episode 16

MMCP turns sweet 16 episodes old this week, as Trevitt and Branden sit down and discuss books, on books, on books this week.  We have to battle Google Hangouts and Branden's Internet (screw you Time Warner/Spectrum) to get this one done, but we do get through it, even though it takes us into the we hours of Monday morning. Jam those ear buds in your ears, dont stare at the eclipse, and listen to whether or not you should BUY, BORROW, or FORGET the following titles:

Spider-Men 2 #2

Astonishing X-Men #2

Ultimates 2 #100

Generations: All New Wolverine & Wolverine #1

In between books we get Trevitt and the world famous News Section, a brief freestyle from everyones second favorite white rapper Lil' Dicky, and a PSA (From the 50s) about sharing the bathroom with strangers while learning people werent very tolerant back in the day, all before we wrap things up with our week in reading ahead. 

Bang that follow button and join us for any shenanigans that follow ... you may not be disappointed!

SPOILER ALERT: all books are talked about in detail with all reveals being discussed. Read your titles first or listen at your own risk.

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